My philosophy is to ‘begin again and again’ with a fresh mind as each new problem is presented to me,” says Bart Prince. “I want to understand the client, the climate, the site, and respond to this input in a creative way. There should be as many individual designs as there are individual people. The buildings we build for ourselves should be unlike any done before, since we don’t live as people used to, and our resources, technology and lifestyles should be reflected in how we respond to these aspects of our life in the ‘continuous present.’”

The New Mexico-born architect, who opened his Albuquerque office in 1973, is known for creating remarkable residences throughout the Southwest and beyond—something he accomplishes largely on his own, though he hires additional employees as needed. He is attracted to designs that have “an idea involved in their creation,” he says. “The building tells you that immediately—you are enticed, wanting to know more.” He counts Frank Lloyd Wright and Gaudí as inspirations but notes that Bruce Goff, Einstein, Picasso and Debussy also exemplify “what it means to be a creative individual in any age. This is the essence of architecture: not ‘style’ or ‘fashion’ or ‘fad,’ but rather that creative spirit that exists within us and that ensures a future of exciting ideas and work.” Prince is hardly at a loss for fresh ideas—he is currently designing houses in New Mexico, Utah and California.

Bart Prince




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