If your apartment is small and your squad is large, this may be the chair for you. Expand Furniture's Flexible Love 12-seat expandable chair is an almost magical example of adaptable design. At first glance, the folded object, at just under eight inches wide, appears to be nothing more than a cross section of a chair. But the accordion design soon reveals more . . . and more and more. Simply pull the chair wider to extend it to whatever size is required. Fully opened, the chair expands roughly 17 feet to accommodate 12 people with a maximum weight of 260 pounds each. Which makes the construction material—paper—even more surprising. The innovative honeycomb structure within allows for highly efficient weight distribution while still providing a light yet durable design intended to last for years.

The adjustable frame can also be configured in a variety of ways, creating bold shapes that adapt and interact with the space. Got a table in the way? Curve the chair around it so everyone can sit. Bend it into a circle for a centerpiece seating. Or just spend the night opening and closing it, since the visual effect is somewhat hypnotic, like a CGI animation brought to life. And when the party is over, the chair can shrink right back to its original modest proportions. So whether it's two guests or 12 at your next party, what they sit on may be the most interesting topic of conversation.

The chair can bend in a multitude of ways.

Chairs range from $600 to $960 each; expandfurnitureom


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