Welcome to our gallery of modern bathrooms. Here you will find some modern design bathroom sinks, bathtubs and vanities, modern bathroom light fixtures, stylish minimalist countertops and cabinets and much more.

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Although the general character and concept of the bathroom pictures below revolve around contemporary and modern designs, there are several bathroom spaces that are also warm and cozy. The common feature though of the modern bathrooms below is the fact that they are clutter-free and portrait a clean design in the whole space.

We hope you will enjoy our gallery of modern bathroom designs and borrow some stylistic ideas for your own home.

This spacious bathroom is furnished with all amenities and is set in warm earthy hues – beige and brown. Accent tiles with a wood pattern are a nice way to inspire a sense of warmth and comfort.

Here is another modern bathroom concept. It demonstrates how a fairly narrow space can be arranged in a most functional way – with a double sink and mirror on one side, and a shower cabin and toilet on the other.

This minimalist bathroom is a great example of modern design. It is sparingly furnished with a double sink countertop and wall cabinet. The most impressive item here is a see-through all-glass bathtub with a view through a vast window.

Contemporary design can be beautifully combined with classic details to attain a more dramatic effect. In this instance, a bathtub with a vintage look dwells comfortably in a predominantly modern space that is characterized by clean lines and overall lack of ornamentation.

This modern bathroom features a grand shower cabin and a large vanity counter with lots of storage space for towels and toiletry. It is set in pure white, sea foam blue and light wood textures that are all in perfect harmony.

Black and white is a timeless combination. This design relies on a well-tried color palette and clean lines to attain a sleek modern appearance. The floor is tiled in black and so is the built-in bathtub. The walls, on the other hand, are in contrasting white.

Ceramic mosaic is often used in bathroom design to mark an accent wall, but in this instance a step further has been taken as the whole room is set in tiny mosaic tiles in red and beige. It is a design idea that certainly makes an impression.

A built-in bathtub is a common amenity in a bathroom. In this design however, the tub is integrated in a large platform laid with wood planks that can be walked on – it is as if it is built in the bathroom floor itself.

This bathroom is tiled in black and white, but also in mosaic tiles on an accent wall. Red decorative plaster adds a little blush in a generally monochromatic color palette, and a crystal chandelier adds a touch of splendor and flamboyance.

This eclectic design features wavy lines and curved details. A raised platform in the corner accommodates a shower cabin and large bathtub under a decorative drop ceiling. Glossy tiles, reflective surfaces and plenty of lighting play a significant role in this design.

This luxurious bathroom proposal features plenty of decorative elements and all the amenities that anyone could wish for – a toilet bowl and bidet, a vanity cabinet with mirror and lighting, a glass shower cabin and a whirlpool bathtub.

Off-whites are a popular choice in modern design. They contribute to creating a space that inspires a sense of ease and purity. Plus, they can easily be combined with a more distinct color or material that will catch the eye and serve as an accent.

A sand-colored bathroom with a tub by the window is the best place to chill out and wash off daily stress. It is also great to have a glass shower cabin, a double sink vanity counter and a toilet in a private room.

This modern bathroom occupies a relatively narrow space. That is why a parallel layout with a toilet bowl plus bidet on one side, a vanity counter on the other and a bathtub at the far end is the best possible solution.

An earthy color palette is nice and soothing, and inspires a sense of warmth and comfort. Beige porcelain tiles and dark wood is a spot on combination of color and texture that will not go out of style any time soon.

White colors are widely used in modern design, but they go great with classic interiors, too. An all-white bathroom would suggest high class, wealth and purity in a way that cannot possibly be matched. Take a look at this design proposal and see for yourself.

Clean lines and neutral colors are fundamental to a sleek contemporary look. Simplicity in design and scarcity of ornamentation put the focus on convenience and functionality, but also radiate a feel of class and luxury at the same time.

This modern bathroom is painted white and laid with light marble tiles. Dark wood furnishings introduce a nice contrast as they pop out against a uniform clear background. Recessed lights are a fine choice to properly illuminate the whole space.

One can never go wrong with a color choice of beige and brown for a bathroom. This modern design is set in warm hues and looks cozy and enticing. Subtle LED lighting sets the tone for proper relaxation at the end of a long day of work.

This modern bathroom features soaring ceilings and mirror walls. It is equipped with a shower cabin, built-in bathtub and a couple of vanity cabinets. A color combination of black and white with dark wood and grey tiles is a sophisticated choice for a contemporary design.


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