With a rare 360-degree view of Cannes and the Lérins Islands, this family residence is full of natural light and a color palette inspired by the Mediterranean below. Designed by young interior architect design duo Humbert & Poyet, the house is the perfect expression of indoor-outdoor living. Founded by Monacan Christophe Poyet and Parisian Emil Humbert in 2007, the creative studio has been putting the finishing touches on projects from Monaco to Hong Kong, Dubai, London, and Mexico City, to name a few.

When Humbert and Poyet signed on to the project, the residence was merely a concrete shell. The owners, who began the projects several years prior, had decided to halt construction for a period of time. "We received a modern, open to nature, raw structure, and we had to finish everything," recalls Poyet. "All the flooring, the windows, the surfaces—everything." The owners, whose primary residence is in Paris, wanted the property to express the glamour of the Cote d’Azur: "something sophisticated, connected to nature, and a design where the inside and outside communicate," explains Humbert.

In the ground-floor kitchen, the stools are from the Utility Collection of Stellar Works and the ceiling light is custom Humbert & Poyet. Rosewood cupboards, custom-designed marble floors, and a collection of ceramic vessels.

An extension of the main living room area with a dining table by Living Divani and chairs by Meridiani . The cushions are Jim Thompson Belize fabric.

The house—whose 13,000 square feet, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, are connected by a four-story central staircase—was designed to offer its occupants stunning views through every window. "The staircase is the spine of the house, and we decided to create this colorful link, this gesture, to connect all of the floors," notes Humbert of the architectural feature, pointing out that they chose to incorporate three shades of blue on its walls.

The designers, given carte blanche for the interiors since the owners didn't plan to bring many of their previously procured items, sourced and designed everything. "It’s an eclectic mix of objects—vintage, modern, [some pieces] designed by us," says Humbert. "This is what we like to do all the time." Also characteristic of their work is the attention to precise details and the use of textured materials like marble, brass, wood, and caning. The bold designs on the floors, bright colors, and sleek bathrooms are all Humbert & Poyet signatures.

In the living room is a Grand Theodore sofa and armchairs custom designed by the duo. Coffee table by Gallotti & Radice and art by French artist Ludovic Philippon. Other objects include vintage ceramics and lamps by Michel Boyer and Parachilna. The floors are Lazza marble.

Asked about his favorite area in the home, Humbert doesn't hesitate: the kitchen. "It is really open on three walls, to nature and to the living area. I love this room because we have a beautiful patterned floor and this is the one [place] to gather with your friends and entertain." Poyet, meanwhile, is partial to an intimate lounge area, which connects two guest rooms and a small office. "It is a little living room on the first floor with this amazing view of Old Cannes," he explains. "To read, to have a drink—a really cozy corner."

For a project that took a little over a year—in addition to designing the homeowners' office in Paris at the same time—both designers say they are delighted with the outcome. "Color is a part of our DNA; we love to mix colors, natural stone, textiles, and fabrics," Humbert notes, summing up his and Poyet's trademark aesthetic, before adding with a laugh, "We also like flamboyant!"


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