White Christmas Decor Ideas – make for a magical Christmas! I’m sharing our foyer and dining rooms all decked out in white!

Happy Black Friday, friends! Are you a BF shopper?? I’m not. Nope!!

I have done it, but oh so reluctantly. lol

If you aren’t come on over to my house for a visit today because…

I managed to do it! I got my entire house decorated before Thanksgiving….just barely. lol

And that means I was able to get my photos taken and start sharing our holiday decorated home with you today. Yippee!

I mentioned that I was planning to change things up a bit this year. And I did. (and I already have a new plan for next year….I’m excited about it!)

But for this year, here’s what we have going on.

All white in the dining room. (>>>last year it was blue and gold)

Blue and gold in the family room. (>>>last year it was red)

Red traditional in the morning room AND kitchen. (>>>last year it was all white)

Although I adore all of my trees and the colors, red just always has my heart for Christmas!

I mean, there is just something wonderfully cozy and warm about the traditional red Christmas decor.

Can you guess where I’m going with my decor for next year??

This year, however, we are a mixed bunch!

So let’s talk about that.

If you follow along with me over on Instagram, you have already seen just about all of it. I have been sharing lots of snippets over there in my stories.

UPDATE: I recorded a live tour (walk-thru) of our holiday home over on Instagram. Those stories only last 24 hours but I made its own tab to stay. You can see it, here. (click the circle that says “Home Tour”)

White Christmas Decor Ideas (it’s a white Christmas in the dining room and foyer :) )

You might notice, I decided to not decorate our built-in back there this year. Less is more was my motto this year.

Sort of.

I tried anyway. Well, I must’ve because I had bins full of things I did not put out this year.

And it does feel lighter.

Although, it’s typically the one time of year that I don’t mind a little clutter.

Even still, I’m enjoying a little less this year.

You might also notice I positioned the tree differently than last year.

I’m not hosting Christmas this year (or Thanksgiving! The first time ever I’m not hosting one or the other….it’s so nice when the ‘youngins’ grow up and start taking over some of that!)

So…I didn’t feel like it would be too much of an issue to put the tree behind the table, in front of the big window.

There’s still room to sit, just a little tighter than normal.

But I just love it in front of the window.

But let’s back up a bit and start in the foyer…

Welcome to my home, sweet friends!

You can sort of get a peek of all the rooms downstairs from this viewpoint. (family room is directly right)

I kept is simple on the foyer table with a NOEL sign, my favorite Sassy Santa (again, but I love him here!), some greenery and pine cones.

Not much to it.

Just simple which I love and keeping mostly in with the “white Christmas decor” theme.

Oh, hey there Ryder!

Santa and Ryder look alike, don’t ya think?

Well, they are both fluffy and white anyway. haha

I don’t typically like Santa figurines as I think a lot of them look creepy for whatever reason.

This one, I just love him so much.

I thought about putting a small white wreath on the mirror … but I didn’t have one, couldn’t find one I liked and didn’t have the time to make one so…

I “made” this instead.

And when I say made, I really mean I hung the bells I had up here with fishing line (my favorite way to hang almost invisibly) and literally stuck those sprigs on…and they stayed! So I called it done. :)

Not your typical decor there, I’m sure, but I kinda loved it.

Okay, back to the dining room.

When you enter the dining room, immediately to the right is our wall coat rack. (<<< click there to see how we made it)

Some of the things you may see and like in this room can be found below.

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

This came from Walmart last year but I painted it white.

And beside that is my favorite, Aubusson Blue dresser I painted years ago. (see it, here)

Again with a little greenery and mostly white Christmas decor items.

My small thrift store Santas (and snowman) that I painted white years ago.

And the sign I found at Micheal’s that I painted the lettering white, with sparkles.

Peeky peek of my favorite room this year! I’ll be sharing it soon.

The centerpiece is based on the whole white theme too. And a little gold.

I used some of the same fabric, on top of the runner, that I used to make “snow” in one of my trees here. (you can see that post, here)

Then I placed a few stars, Christmas trees (small white ones from the dollar store…and the ONLY new decor I bought this year!)

The white pine cone strand was the perfect touch also.

Simple, simple!

There is something magical about an all-white Christmas tree.

Love the snowy look.

I added varying things on each of my trees to get a “snowy” look. This one got white ribbon. Want to see my other ideas? Check out this post here where I gathered several other inexpensive and simple ways too! >>> Create a Snow Covered Tree (5 simple tips & ideas!)

Sneak peek of the blue and gold tree in the family room. :)

I enjoyed welcoming you into my home today and sharing our foyer and dining rooms with you.

I hope you enjoyed seeing them!

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here next week with Tour #2 (the family room & laundry) and a brand new DIY Christmas gift idea with a bunch of my blogger friends.

EDITED to add all our 2019 home tours:

See you then!


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