Fresh off winning the Royal Gold Medal award last week , Zaha Hadid has added another of her signature designs to the world—this time in Russia. Located just southeast of central Moscow, the Dominion Office Building is among the first of several new projects to be built for the city’s growing creative and IT communities working in this primarily industrial district. The structure resembles a series of offset white plates stacked on top of one another, interrupted by dark windows. It has nine floors (seven of which are for offices and two basement levels) that total 228,023 square feet.

One of the building’s most striking design elements is an interior staircase that crisscrosses a central atrium, connecting floors and offices. It is both a practical and a symbolic feature created for industries that value interaction and shared spaces. The concept is echoed throughout, with balconies on each level leading into common areas, encouraging interaction among employees of different companies, and shared restaurants and coffee shops on the ground floor.


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